07/10/2013 07:58 pm ET

Cheating Signs: Simply Indications Of A Relationship Gone South?

Last week, The Stir writer Kiri Blakeley detailed the top 10 signs your spouse may be cheating, from a lack of interest in sex to odd behavior on social media.

And on Tuesday, HuffPost Live producers Caitlyn Becker and Ricky Camilleri discussed the list, adding some observations of their own.

Camilleri felt that many of the cheating signs were tell-tale indicators of a bad relationship.

"A lot of these are signs of a bad relationship, whether someone is cheating or not," he said. "These are just the signs of a relationship on the outs."

Watch the clip above to hear more on their take (and check out the original post here), then click through the slideshow below for some of the most notorious alleged celebrity cheaters.

10 Alleged Celebrity Marriage Wreckers

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