07/10/2013 04:10 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2014

What Edward Snowden Can Expect To Find In Venezuela


Where in the world will Edward Snowden end up?

The former National Security Agency contractor has been seeking asylum, considering countries like Bolivia and Nicaragua as new homes. Yet traveling has become difficult for him since the U.S. revoked his passport and since he would need to avoid U.S. and U.S.-friendly airspace, according to CNN.

But Snowden can't stay in Russia's transit zone forever, and it's likely he'll be picking a final destination soon.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro offered to take him in and it appears that Snowden will probably take him up on that offer, according to CBS News.

Venezuela is a beautiful country in turmoil that has gone through some major changes in the past 14 years. If Snowden does end up choosing to go to the South American country, he should probably prepare. Here are a few things he can expect to find (or not):

What Snowden Can Expect From Venezuela