07/10/2013 12:57 pm ET

Erika Storm Wasser, SPACEStv Host, Shows Us It Is Possible To Rent For $1,000... In Certain Cities (VIDEO)

There's no denying that New York City is a pricey place to live. Most Manhattanites just make do with a small place but still pay a lot in rent. But Erika Storm Wasser from SPACEStv is particularly upset with her living situation and decided to tell it like it is. She shows us what we can get for a mere $1,000 in other cities in America in a segment she calls "This Costs WHAT?!"

And we have to say, that modest amount of cash can get you something pretty nice in places like Saint Louis, Missouri, San Antonio, Texas and Detroit, Michigan. In fact, we feel like yelling at our landlords a little too.

Watch the video above to see how much bang you can get for your buck, and head over to SPACEStv's YouTube channel for information.

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