07/10/2013 05:33 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2013

'Extreme Weight Loss': Jami Nearly Committed Suicide At The Beginning Of Her Journey (VIDEO)

Trainer Chris Powell knows a thing or two about saving lives. He also knows that the kinds of full-body transformations he helps people achieve on "Extreme Weight Loss" are as much a mental journey as they are a physical one. For 28-year-old Jami, he saved her life in more ways than just the physical. In fact, he had no idea how close she was to losing it all.

Six months into her year-long journey with the show, Jami made a shocking reveal. "I hated myself so much. So much that I just wanted to die," she said. "And that night, if you hadn’t shown up, like, I was just gonna do it. I was so ready to be done with living.”

This was after she'd been cast on the show and had begun filming for her episode. She had a bottle of pills that night and said, "I was just waiting for cameras to leave so I could just go back to my room and be done.” She said she felt worthless, but Chris' encouragement on that day helped pull her back from that dark place.

Not only did he prevent her from committing suicide, but Chris also reconnected Jami with her birth mother after nearly 25 years. It was a difficult but wonderful year for Jami, who lost 130 pounds to go from 292 pounds at the beginning to 162 pounds at her final weigh-in.

TV Grapevine said their hearts were breaking during Jami's emotional journey. They thought this might be one of the best transformations -- inside and out -- the show has ever seen. The Guardian Express agreed completely, congratulating Jami on a job well done.

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