07/10/2013 03:22 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2013

Impala Jumps In Car Window, Escapes Cheetahs In South Africa's Kruger National Park (VIDEO)

When you're in a hurry, any ride will do.

Especially if that ride is an SUV, and you're an impala being chased by cheetahs in South Africa's Kruger National Park. As seen in a video distributed by The Telegraph Wednesday, a crafty impala with no other options leaps through the open window of a sports utility vehicle that had stopped to see the chase.

In the brief clip, two cheetahs chase a herd of the panicked animals across a road, while shocked onlookers film the encounter from their car windows. Moments later, one impala, separated from the group, runs back the opposite direction with two cats in hot pursuit. Without a moment's hesitation, the impala leaps through a vehicle's open window.

"All of a sudden we saw the impala jump out of the bushes and then someone started screaming 'it is in the car, it is in the car,'" recalled the videographer Samantha Pittendrigh, per The Telegraph. "People in other cars screamed 'open the door, open the door.'"

Reports South Africa's Independent Online, bystanders hastily released the impala, fearing the cheetahs might jump in the SUV as well.

After its release, the impala is seen trotting away from the vehicle, unharmed. The confused cats watch from the nearby undergrowth.

"Good thing they weren't chasing an elephant!" writes one commenter on the Daily Mail. That's no joke.

WATCH the video, above.



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