Jack Gleeson, A.K.A. Joffrey On 'Game Of Thrones,' Plays With A Puppy And It's Adorable (VIDEO)

We've heard many, many times that Jack Gleeson, who plays cruel boy king Joffrey Baratheon on "Game of Thrones," is one of the nicest people his co-stars have ever met. And though Sophie Turner's (Sansa Stark) story about Gleeson's Winnie the Pooh rap "Got Monies and Honies" had us nearly convinced, a new Vine video from user Manus (below) is the ultimate evidence that the young actor is actually a softie.

Below, watch Gleeson, a regular ol' student at Trinity College in Dublin, kissing, cuddling and getting his ear nibbled on by an adorable puppy.

You will never look at Joffrey the same way again.

"Game Of Thrones"