07/10/2013 06:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kevin Brady, US Soldier, Reunites With Dog He Met While Serving In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

Last week, it was videos of soldiers returning home to their dogs that had left us teary-eyed.

But this story is the reverse -- and just as emotional.

Staff Sgt. Kevin Brady, a 32-year-old National Guardsman from California, first met Bailey -- then an 8-week-old puppy -- while his American unit was serving in Afghanistan last fall, the Port Times Record reported.

Bailey had been following around an Afghan army unit, but immediately warmed up to Brady.

When he returned home in May without the dog, he was heartbroken. To get Bailey back, he reached out to Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue and Guardians of Rescue in Long Island, N.Y, News 12 reported. The organization helped raise $5,000 to have the pup -- now 7 months old -- vaccinated and flown from Afghanistan to New York.

Fittingly, the pair were reunited on July 4th, CBS New York reported.

In the emotional reunion video, Bailey and Brady appear overwhelmed with joy.

The two then set off on a road trip back home to California to be together.

"She provided a lot of comfort," Brady told the station. "So leaving her there just didn’t seem right."

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(Credit: Facebook/Guardians Of Rescue)

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