07/10/2013 09:37 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2013

Oscar, Kenyan Dog, Looks After Children Abandoned By Their Mother (VIDEO)

Two children in Kenya are being taken care of by an adoptive mother -- who just happens to be a dog.

K24, a 24-hour news station, tells the story of Oscar, a dog who looks out for 7-year-old David Mbogo and 6-year-old Mary Wanjiku. The two were abandoned by their birth mother several years ago.

They now live with their grandmother, Susan Wanjiku, but she's often too busy watching the five other children in her care.

And so, Oscar fills in -- he walks them to and from school each day and makes sure they don't get lost.

The dog seems to be the bright light in an otherwise difficult situation, according to a interview with their grandmother.

“I pray to God that we can get a better dwelling for the kids," she told the website. "That is our greatest need."

She added that since the family's story's been reported, she's been sent a few helpful items, and received phone calls from well-wishers around the world.



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