07/10/2013 12:12 pm ET

Taylor Harris Arrested For Punching Father In The Head Over Affair

Orange County Sheriff's Office

One punch was all it took for a son who just learned of his father's infidelity to send his old man to the hospital.

Police in Florida say that Taylor Harris attacked his dad outside an Orlando Dave & Buster’s restaurant where the family was celebrating his 21st birthday, WAPT reports.

Harris, visiting from Mississippi, learned during the meal that his father, Leonard Harris, 52, was having an affair.

WKMG has the details:

Taylor Dwayne Harris left the table where the family was eating after seeing text messages on his father's phone, witnesses told deputies.

When Leonard Harris went outside to ask him what was wrong Taylor Dwayne Harris hit his father in the face, knocking him backward to the ground, witnesses said.

The single punch caused the elder Harris to suffer a "fractured skull, brain hemorrhage and spinal cord injury," according to the Clarion Ledger.

One witness said that "she could hear the victim's head hit the concrete three car lengths away," according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Taylor Harris is charged with aggravated battery and domestic violence.



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