07/10/2013 12:48 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2013

Triskaidekaphobia At The Altar: My Wife Refused To Get Married In 2013

The number 13 is often considered unlucky -- some buildings skip the 13th floor, and many people fear Friday the 13th. Some brides and grooms are even shying away from having their wedding in 2013. Mark McDonald's fiancee refused to get married this year, pushing their wedding to 2012 to escape any unlucky vibes. He shared his story with HuffPost Live.

"My wife was the one who said 'I'm definitely not having 13 in my anniversary'," he explained to host Abby Huntsman. Because she disliked odd numbers in general, the couple ended up choosing all even numbers for their wedding date: 6/24/2012.

While his fiancee's date requests did make planning more difficult, McDonald was happy to go along with her requests. "We wanted to start out with a positive base and if making it not 2013 would make her more comfortable and kind of start the wedding process off very, very calmly and kind of peacefully and then very positively ... everything becomes a lot easier once you're coming from a very positive, very calm place."

Darcy Miller, editorial director and celebrations expert at Martha Stewart Weddings, echoed McDonald's advice on picking a wedding date that everyone is comfortable with. "The most important thing is how you feel inside, and your psyche. If you are going to be nervous the whole time, then it's not worth it because planning a wedding should be fun and there are a lot of things that you juggle that sometimes you stress about, so you shouldn't start off with something that's going to stress you out."

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