07/11/2013 04:21 pm ET

Is Amanda Bynes Seeking Help? Source Says Troubled Actress Is Looking Into Treatment


Could it be? Could the one-woman show that is Amanda Bynes be going on hiatus for the summer? Apparently so, if you believe Fox News' source.

According to the news outlet, Bynes is seeking treatment for her "anger issues" and even flew out to Los Angeles last week to check out treatment options. Per the source, she's looking to assemble "a team of helpers including medical professionals, a life coach etc."

This past year, the troubled actress has made headlines for her erratic, inexplicable behavior more so than for her acting abilities/talent/accomplishments. The former child actress has taken over Twitter, amassing over two million followers in a matter of months, and quips constantly about her weight, the way tabloids treat her, rapper Drake, and just overall words of wisdom. She also, quite often, calls out other celebrities on being "hot" or "ugly."

Bynes took a turn for the worse, it seemed, when police raided her apartment last May and she allegedly threw a bong out her window (though she's since denied it numerous times). Just last Friday, Bynes appeared in court in a bright blue wig, only to learn her case has been postponed to a later date.

We're genuinely hoping she gets her ducks in a row before it's too late.



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