07/11/2013 12:16 pm ET

Ariel Winter Custody Case: Mom Asks Judge To Reinstate Guardianship (REPORT)


It has been a long, hard road for "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter and family. Seven months ago, Winter's mother lost guardianship of her daughter in November after charges of physical and emotional abuse.

But as of this morning, RadarOnline is reporting that Chrisoula Workman, Winter's mother, has asked a judge to reinstate her guardianship.

According to RadarOnline, Workman allegedly claimed a Los Angeles court violated her state and federal constitutional due process rights in March.

In March, Gray became Winter's primary guardian, while her father and attorney handle her finances.

RadarOnline obtained a filing by Workman's lawyer allegedly stating:

"Chrisoula’s understanding… was that the appointments of the temporary guardians, Gray and Glenn (Ariel’s father), ended on March 29, 2013, and her parental rights would be restored to her, unless the Court extended the powers of the temporary guardians only after a hearing on the merits."

Workman also originally told the court that the reason Winter sought emancipation was her mother's disapproval of her relationship with her 18-year-old boyfriend.

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