07/11/2013 08:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Beach House In Mornington, Australia Is Actually Made Up Of Two Completely Different Structures (PHOTOS)

Take a trip to Mornington, Australia and cast your eyes on our latest beach house obsession.

In a statement about the property, architect Clare Cousins explains that the assignment called for an extension of an existing 1970’s Merchant Builder’s home. Since the original house was built on a slope, the firm designed the adjacent structure to stand a story taller on stilts to maximize views. Now, the property's residents come home to two houses -- both very different structures.

As fans of keeping things on the minimal side of the design spectrum, we think it's a remarkable beach house. With abundant exposure to natural light, a terrace that overlooks Port Philip Bay and newfound parking right below the new unit, it's a lifestyle we'd have a hard time saying no to. But that's just us. Scroll through the photos and decide for yourself.

A major hat tip to Dezeen.

beach house mornington

beach house mornington

beach house mornington

Credit: Shannon McGrath

Beach House Mornington

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