07/11/2013 05:44 am ET Updated Jul 11, 2013

'Crown Chasers': Women Get Plastic Surgery, Go On Crazy Diets To Win Adult Pageants (VIDEO)

If you thought "Toddlers & Tiaras" got crazy and competitive, TLC has the perfect companion show for you in "Crown Chasers." Adults who aren't putting their young children into the pageant circuit might as well be putting themselves into it. There's apparently an equally competitive world of adult pageants out there.

One beauty queen featured on the special was 52-year-old Deborah Ashton-Cooke. She's the reigning Mrs. Southwest International and proudly touts that she's been competing in pageants for the past 32 years.

"I have 17 titles to my credit," she said. "I made the decision to have a lower facelift, so that I can, in fact, compete with women who are generally half my age.”

A fellow competitor, who was nearly 20 years younger than Debbie, wasn't impressed. “When a woman at 52 years old is still competing in pageantry, she’s a very insecure person," she said.

Insecure or not, Debbie has a goal. She intends to be named Mrs. International and if she doesn't get it this year, she'll keep trying -- at least until she ages out of the system in three years. Is there a seniors' pageant circuit?

The Daily Mail was stunned by the effort that these women put into their pageant dreams. Beyond plastic surgery, they have some crazy pre-competition crash diets. One woman only ate Power Bars and only drank tequila. HitFix thought the special was "crazy," saying that it's clear these women will do anything for attention.

If the special does well enough there's a good chance they'll get it. TLC often turns the most successful of their wacky specials into new series.

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