07/11/2013 04:46 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2013

Husband On Emotional Cheating: 'My Wife Is Still Haunted By It' (VIDEO)

Physical affairs are easy to define -- you either kissed or you didn't. But when the cheating is emotional, it can be much harder for a couple to draw the lines of infidelity. Blogger Chad Miller had an emotional affair with his co-worker, and months later, he and his wife are still working to rebuild their trust. He shared his story with HuffPost Live.

Miller explained to host Caitlyn Becker that he knew his relationship was emotional cheating when he began to hide it from his wife.

"It literally started out as acquaintance and co-worker and immediately went into me hiding text messages, hiding emails, hiding Facebook."

Though he is still with his wife of 13 years, Miller's emotional infidelity still impacts their marriage.

"My wife to this day, and it's several months later, it still haunts her," he said. "It was much easier for me to dismiss that, to turn it off, than it is for my wife. And that's also the huge difference between forgiveness and trust -- I understand she forgave me but I got the task of bringing back that trust."

Joining Miller and Becker in this conversation about emotional cheating were relationship expert Dr. Jane Greer, Edge Magazine columnist Ronald Clark, life and dating coach Sandy Weiner, and Yvonne Chase, also a dating and relationship coach.

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