07/11/2013 09:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Girls Room Graff' Tumblr Shows How Awesome (Some) Ladies' Bathroom Graffiti Is

Ever been sitting down in a public restroom and suddenly notice that the walls are filled with hilarious poetry/masterful doodles/sage advice? Well, one 32-year-old copywriter did -- and she took to Tumblr to document the best (and worst) of girls bathroom graffitti on "Girls Room Graff."

girls room graff

The Tumblr, which first posted a month ago, is filled with truisms like "This toilet doesn't go to the Ministry of Magic. Trust me, I tried" -- (Harry Potter reference alert!) -- among other gems. According to a blurb the site's creator, Megan Adamson-Jackes, wrote:

Ladies' rooms have a special sort of graffiti. There's the average fodder but there's also a lot of advice. Advice on dating, self-empowerment, sex, etc. Some of it's wonderful and some of it's wonderfully terrible. This is an effort to document this graffiti unique to the ladies' rooms.

Adamson-Jackes told HuffPost Women over email that she got the idea for the Tumblr a few years ago after snapping a photo of some funny graffiti ("date like a man so you don't get played like a b*tch") in a bar bathroom. "Then I just started to notice in bars when there's a separate ladies' room, there's lots of advice-based graffiti," she wrote. "But I never saw this in unisex bathrooms. So I started asking my guy friends if men's rooms had this type of thing and they were just like, 'no, what are you talking about.'"

Some of the found graffiti featured on "Girls Room Graff" is sweet and uplifting ("You are perfect"), some is empowering ("Fight Girl Hate") and some simply tries to break a hard piece of news to the reader ("Your boyfriend is a bad kisser").

So next time you head to the bathroom when you're out and about, read the writing on the wall (literally). And if it moves you, share it with the world. Because everyone should know that it sucks to move apartments in New York City.

Click over to Girls Room Graff to see more or submit your own bathroom found treasure.

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