07/11/2013 03:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kristen Stewart's Jeans And T-Shirt Style Hasn't Changed Since 2005

Kristen Stewart may have gone from an indie darling to a household name over the course of the past eight years, but one thing's for certain -- her style hasn't changed one bit.

The 23-year-old "Twilight" star has been sporting her typical jeans and T-shirt look since 2005, accessorizing her casual attire with sneakers and the occasional leather jacket and sunglasses. Not to mention, she almost always ties her shirt to the side, flashing a bit of tummy as she goes about her day-to-day activities.

kristen stewart style

But despite being super laid-back off the red carpet, on the red carpet KStew is a fashionista, donning bedazzled gowns, sky-high heels and full-blown makeup. Still, she tends to immediately take off those designer duds afterward and slip into her go-to outfit.

See dozens of photos of Kristen's typical look below:



Kristen Stewart's "Casual" Look