07/11/2013 04:10 pm ET

Elaborate Rose Bowl Proposal Almost Didn't Happen (VIDEO)

This groom sure is persistent.

After months spent trying to convince officials to let him use the entire Rose Bowl stadium for an elaborate wedding proposal, David Carrido was set to take his girlfriend of 10 years up on a sight-seeing plane ride. Up in the air, Jennifer Clarke would be able to see the message Carrido had set up with the help of a wedding planner: "Jenn Will You Marry Me."

But on the morning of the planned proposal, Carrido got the news that the airport was grounding all planes that day due to bad weather. By then, workers had already placed the message on the field and he was out to brunch with an unsuspecting Clarke.

After what we'd assume were some frantic phone calls, Carrido was finally able to land a helicopter pilot who agreed to take the couple above the Rose Bowl. Once Clarke saw her name in the stadium below, she said she started "shaking."

The proposal, which happend in April, was first reported by ABC 7 Los Angeles on Wednesday. Watch the video above to see how Clarke reacted to the proposal, and check out to read about how Corrido might out-do himself during the 2014 wedding ceremony.



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