07/11/2013 05:08 pm ET Updated Jul 12, 2013

Alaska Republicans Would Really Like To Hear More About This 'Sarah Palin Senate Run' Thing


According to a long string of ones and zeroes that were translated and illuminated inside this glowing box that I like to call "the Internet," sometime former Alaska governor and vice presidential aspirant Sarah Palin is "considering" a run for the Senate. Specifically, Palin said, "I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it."

Which makes sense. It's sort of like that thing where I tell you, "Don't think of a sharknado," and then all you can do is think of a sharknado. But while lots of people, in that position, will go on to think of a sharknado, only a few will actually commit themselves to the effort of making a movie about a sharknado. The question is: Will Sarah Palin sharknado Alaska's Senate seat in 2014? And according to Alaska Public Media's Alexandra Gutierrez, this is a matter that the actual people in the actual Alaska Republican Party would love to be looped in on, if possible:

But even though her statement is generating a lot of national buzz, party leadership in Alaska hasn’t heard a peep from her. Republican Party Chair Peter Goldberg says that there’s been no communication between him and Palin. Ever.

“I would think she would want to at least speak briefly to the new head of the Alaska Republican Party. But no, never met the lady. Never spoken to her. I have seen her once.”

That was at the state convention five years ago, and his table was about 30 feet from the podium where she was speaking.

“That’s the closest I’ve come to Sarah Palin.”

Of course, as Alaska's Republican National Committeeman Ralph Seekins -- the state party official to have seen Palin "most recently" -- pointed out, “You know, we’ve heard that she’s also said, ‘Well, I might be interested in starting another party other than the Republicans.’" And that's true. Of course, the first guy who'll step up to help fund that effort will likely be Alaska's incumbent senator, Mark Begich (D-Alaska), who leads Palin in a hypothetical match-up by 16 points.

Speaking of, while we don't know and won't bet on the possibility that Palin follows through on ... well, anything, really, there is all sorts of "war of words" going on between her and Begich. So there's that for everyone to enjoy! In the meanwhile, I'll just extend my gratitude to Palin, on behalf of the Internet, for all the page views.

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