07/11/2013 11:53 am ET

Soldier Michael Menchaca Rescues Wheelchair User From D.C. Subway Tracks In Heart-Stopping Video

When Army specialist Michael Menchaca saw a man strapped in his wheelchair fall onto the D.C. subway tracks, he immediately risked his own life to help.

The unidentified man in the wheelchair rode off of the platform on July 4 after trying to inch closer to read a sign and landed precariously close to the 750-volt third rail, WJLA reported.

Without a moment to waste, Menchaca instantly jumped down, started working on releasing the man and another good Samaritan helped him carry the man to safety.

The harrowing rescue video also shows another man standing on the opposite side of the platform who jumped over both third rails to help.

“I was just doing the right thing," Menchaca, the humble hero told the news outlet.

Subway heroes, like Menchaca, are heralded for their speed and willingness to put themselves in danger to save a complete stranger.

When Christopher Knafelc saw a man walk off a subway platform in Philadelphia in March, he acted with the same bravery and swiftness as Menchaca, according to the Associated Press.

He jumped down onto the tracks, knowing a train was due to arrive in a few moments, and held the man’s head and neck until firefighters arrived.

"He didn't thank me, but I know he was thankful," Knafelc told the Daily News. "You know what I mean? In my heart I believe he was."



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