07/11/2013 11:01 am ET Updated Jul 11, 2013

Triton, 'Bait Dog' Used For Dog Fighting, Rescued With Hundreds Of Injuries (VIDEO)

A Good Samaritan in Indianapolis rescued a horribly injured dog believed to have been used as bait for dog fighting.

The dog, christened "Triton" by his rescuers, was recently brought to Humane Society of Indianapolis (IndyHumane), where staff members discovered hundreds of puncture wounds and rushed him to emergency surgery, according to Indianapolis ABC affiliate RTV 6.

“It was shocking. He had huge gashes on his forearms,” Christine Jeschke, IndyHumane’s Chief Operations Officer, told local station WISH-TV. “On the front of his legs you could see puncture wounds everywhere.”

The wounds were both old and new, according to Jeschke, but they did not extend to Triton's face -- a sign, according to IndyHumane, that he had been used to train fighting dogs.

“Dogs used as bait for dog fight practice are often muzzled or their mouths are bound with duct tape so they can’t defend themselves and injure the prize dog,” Jeschke said in an IndyHumane press release.

The country may be experiencing a surge in the underground blood sport, though the majority of the illegal rings go unreported, according to Fox59.

“While we don’t read or hear about the disgusting cruelty of dog fighting in Indianapolis on a regular basis, it is still a real problem that occurs here,” Nina Gaither, board member with pit bull advocacy group Indy Pit Crew, said in the IndyHumane release. “Dog fighting is not just a crime, it’s one of the worst forms of abuse an animal can endure.”

Nevertheless, since July 2012, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control has investigated 27 reports of dog fighting, according to WISH-TV. Under Indiana state law, promoting an animal fighting contest is classified as a Class D Felony.

Anyone with information regarding a dog fighting ring in the Indianapolis area is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS. While RTV 6 notes that Triton is not yet available for adoption, anyone who would like to help out with his medical bills can donate at indyhumane.org.



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