07/11/2013 01:29 pm ET

What Makes You A Real Woman


This is a picture of me tonight, eating a slice of (incredible) pizza and not wearing any makeup or styled hair and raggedy clothes. This picture is important to me, silly as it may be, because I am at a very particular moment in my life which is making me hyper-aware of the way that women look at their bodies, and one another.

I rarely leave the house (except to and from the gym) without some kind of makeup, hair, and coordinated outfit routine. I don’t feel like myself if I don’t, because I love doing those things and especially given that I work at home, leaving the house is always a nice occasion to make myself nice and spiffy. I find myself constantly having to justify that to people, to explain that it doesn’t make me “fake” or attention-digging or narcissistic or “afraid” of what I really look like. I am natural all the time, and this is one of them. Neither state is weird or unusual, and I have a hard time getting people to grasp that.

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