07/12/2013 05:15 pm ET

Car Marriage Proposal: Autocross Driver Pops The Question On Racetrack (VIDEO)

Well, here's something you don't often see on the racetrack!

In a video posted to YouTube Wednesday, autocross driver Jake Wile took his girlfriend, Maggie O'Brien, out on the track at Moore Airfield in Ayer, Mass. In the middle of the course, he stopped the car, took off his helmet and seatbelt and said, "I gotta ask you something."

"You're the most amazing woman I've ever met in my life. Every minute has been a joy. I want you to be on my team for life, and I want you to be my co-driver for life. Would you take your helmet off? Maggie O'Brien, would you marry me?" Wiles asked, pulling a ring out of his pocket.

O'Brien's response? "Holy shit, yeah. I'm stuck. Yes," she said, undoing her seatbelt and leaning over to give her new fiance a kiss.

After taking a victory lap, the two celebrated with sparkling apple cider. Watch the entire proposal in the video above -- the proposal starts at around the 1:20 mark. Be forewarned, it's a tearjerker.

According to, the couple was supposed to watch an autocross event on their first date two years ago, but Wile signed O'Brien up to participate instead. They've been driving together ever since.

Though we can't say we've seen many other proposals that took place in a racecar, one man used cars to spell out "Will u marry me" in a parking lot last month.

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