07/12/2013 12:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Edward Snowden Picture A Godsend For Journalists

Edward Snowden's re-emergence in a Moscow airport on Friday gave journalists a lot of new information about the NSA leaker's plans for asylum, and his hopes for the future. But it also gave them something they had been begging for for weeks: a new picture of Snowden.

News outlets everywhere have been restricted to using the same one or two images of Snowden that are publicly available. A look at a Snowden-devoted page on The Huffington Post shows how little variety there was:

edward snowden

It became a recurring theme from reporters on Twitter:

The Onion even got on the act, posting a video titled, "Nation Demands New Photograph Of Edward Snowden":

When Human Rights Watch released a new (though rather grainy) photograph of Snowden, then, journalists rejoiced:

There were also new pictures of the incredibly intense media presence inside the airport:
edward snowden



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