07/12/2013 09:58 am ET

Golden Sisters Visit Van Cortlandt Park, Where Mary Lost Her Virginity (VIDEO)

They may live in Los Angeles now, but the three "Golden Sisters" -- 82-year-old Mary and 74-year-old twins Josie and Terry -- were born and raised in the Bronx. Hailing from a large Italian family, these native New Yorkers have always had a fondness for their old neighborhood and recently took a trip back east to revisit their old haunts. But the Golden Sisters' idea of nostalgia proves as outrageous as their personalities.

In the video above, the Golden Sisters come across Van Cortlandt Park while walking through their old stomping grounds. Whereas the large freshwater lake and still-growing oak trees might make many people reflect about the ongoing beauty of nature, eldest sister Mary has an even more, well, intimate association.

“Here’s where I lost my virginity!" Mary exclaims. She was 17 years old, she explains, and insists that she can find the exact spot -- under the specific tree -- where it all happened.

“You think you'll find the tree?” asks Terry.

“Of course, I'm never going to forget it," says Mary.

"I wonder if it was a cherry tree," Josie quips.

In the video, the Golden Sisters stroll through the park and even go off the beaten path into the brush, examining each tree that looks familiar. Between their thorough inspections and Terry's dramatic reenactment of Mary's memorable moment, the women may have found just what they're looking for...

The season finale of "Golden Sisters" airs Saturday, July 13, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.



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