07/12/2013 05:18 am ET

'Graceland': After The Loss Of Her C.I., Charlie DeMarco Does The Unthinkable (VIDEO)

Charlie DeMarco has had a tumultuous relationship with her informant, Whistler, over the season thus far on "Graceland." He'd proven himself too much of a wild card and so she cut him loose a few episodes back. Despite her attempts to help him sober up, he continued to turn to drugs and blow all the money she gave him on his addiction.

And yet, when an opportunity arose to get closer to a drug kingpin by using him, she reeled Whistler back in. He was clearly still using and unpredictable, but he got her into the room with the dealer. The problem is that by the time she got there, Whistler had OD'd and died. And, as a parting gift, he'd gushed so much about her and Briggs that the dealer was suspicious they were undercover cops.

He knew one rule of undercover cops: they never actually do drugs. So Q had an ultimatum. He provided one of his own needles and demanded they use in front of him. Briggs was ready to call the whole thing off, but DeMarco made a drastic decision instead.

She took the needle and jammed it into her arm. "I want to meet this God," she murmured as Briggs looked on in shock.

Buddy TV was stunned that she actually shot up. "She wanted Whistler to get clean and then she used [the drugs] herself to honor him," they wrote. "The final moment of Charlie with an O-Mouth was heartbreaking, touching, and shocking all at the same time. Did she actually use the drugs? Or could she have switched out the bottle for the hemoglobin somehow?” The show has done fakeout closing scenes before, so it's certainly possible.

If she did really do it, though, TV Fanatic hopes the act will get her that much-needed "in" to this drug world, even with the loss of Whistler. More importantly, they hope there aren't any serious consequences for her.

The truth will reveal itself as"Graceland" continues on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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