07/12/2013 01:59 pm ET

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, Infamous Filesharer Sued By RIAA, Refuses To Work For RIAA To Settle Her Debt

A well-known Internet "pirate" is taking a stand against the trade group known for hunting down and fining people for illegally downloading music.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who owes $220,000 to the Recording Industry Association of America for illegally downloading 24 songs, said on Thursday that she refuses to be a spokeswoman for the group in exchange for a reduced fine.

Thomas-Rasset told Wired that she would "rather go bankrupt" than work for the RIAA.

The RIAA has filed thousands of cases against people it accuses of illegally downloading songs, but Thomas-Rasset was the first to go to trial. Many have described her as a martyr against the organization and, as the Minneapolis City Pages once described her, "a symbol of the lengths to which a powerful industry will go to protect an out-dated business model."

In fact, after the Supreme Court made the final ruling on her case in March, she said that she would file for bankruptcy.

“As I’ve said from the beginning, I do not have now, nor do I anticipate in the future, having $220,000 to pay this,” she told Wired at the time. “If they do decide to try and collect, I will file for bankruptcy as I have no other option.”



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