07/12/2013 12:47 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2013

Keith Olbermann In Talks To Host Late Night ESPN Show: New York Daily News

Olbermann is in talks to return to the network that once employed him, the New York Daily News reported on Friday.

The former Current TV anchor, who has signed on to host TBS' postseason baseball coverage, is reportedly "in serious discussions" to host a late night show on ESPN 2. The show would air from New York.

The rumor is an interesting one as Olbermann's TBS deal puts him in Atlanta to host coverage alongside analyst Dennis Eckersley, which could pose some challenges to hosting a New York-based late night show. However, it's quite possible the late night talk show would launch after the baseball season.

Olbermann had been allegedly eyeing a return to ESPN, the network that employed him from 1992-1997, after he was fired from Current TV earlier this year. The former news anchor (sort of) returned to ESPN's air when he appeared in The Barnicle Brothers' 30 for 30 documentary titled "Holy Grail: The T206 Honus Wagner."

The New York Times reported in March that Olbermann had dinner with ESPN chief John Skipper, who said there was no policy against former talent returning to the sports network.

The New York Daily News also pointed out that ESPN could be gearing up efforts ahead of the August launch of the 24-hour cable network, Fox Sports 1. Fox has already signed Regis Philbin on to host a talk show on the new channel.

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