07/12/2013 06:33 pm ET

Mohammed Morsi's Son: 'Egypt's Legitimate Leader Will Return'

"What do I see in the coming days? That the revolution will succeed and that the legitimate leader will return." Those are the defiant words of Osama Morsi, the 30-year-old son of Egypt's ousted president. Morsi sat down for an exclusive interview with CNN's Reza Sayah in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Osama told Sayah that he spoke to his father 24 hours before the military took over in the country, advising him to remain defiant.

Osama hasn't seen his father since, and doesn't know where he is held.

The United States on Friday joined calls for Egypt to release Morsi from detention. The former president is believed to be held in a military facility in the capital, but his exact whereabouts are unknown. No charges have been brought against the Islamist leader.

Security forces have arrested more than 600 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the past days and charged several leaders of the organization with inciting violence.

Mohammed Morsi was ousted by Egypt's armed forces on July 3 after millions of Egyptians had taken to the streets to demand the Islamist president's resignation. Morsi had been given a 48-hour ultimatum by the security forces to make concessions to the opposition, but refused to do so.

On Friday, tens of thousands of supporters of the ousted president and the Muslim Brotherhood gathered in the capital's streets to demand the reinstatement of the leader. Demonstrators rallied in front of a mosque where Morsi-supporters have gathered for days, the Associated Press notes. A second rally took place near the military headquarters in the capital, where security forced opened fire on protesters last Monday, killing more than 50 people.

"We are ready to stay for a month, two months, a year or even two years," Safwat Hegazi, an ultraconservative Salafi cleric, told the crowd, according to the AP.

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