07/12/2013 12:34 pm ET

Monkey Swims Laps At Mumbai Swimming Pool Alongside Other Morning Swimmers (VIDEO)

Even monkeys have their morning exercise routines.

Take this water-loving primate, for example. Locals who frequent a public swimming pool in a suburb of Mumbai, India, say the monkey swims laps for about an hour every day at 7 a.m., the Mumbai Mirror reports.

In videos of the odd routine, the monkey watches other swimmers before jumping into the water to swim up and down a lane.

The unusual swimmer, who has become a regular at the Mulund community pool after swimming every morning for the past week, has begun to draw quite the crowd of onlookers.

"It was a pleasant sight to see the monkey swim like a professional swimmer," pool manager Naveen Anchan told ITN News, explaining that the monkey enters the swimming pool from a nearby garden.

Monkeys are a regular fixture in India, often interacting with humans on the street.

While it seems that this monkey has kept to itself -- unlike some of its thieving brethren -- and has not directly interfered with any other swimmers, as the Mirror notes, the pool's management has notified the local forest department.

The athletic monkey is not the first animal to show an affinity for swimming in a pool. In 2009, security camera footage captured pool-crashing deer swimming laps within the lanes at a North Carolina pool.

Click over to the Mumbai Mirror to see photos of the swimming monkey.



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