07/12/2013 10:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nicole Kidman For Vogue Germany Reminds Us What A Pro She Is (PHOTOS)

Nicole Kidman has landed the August 2013 cover of Vogue Germany, looking elegantly reserved in two close-up shots. We'd be inclined to say that Kidman scored the cover shoot because of her recent return to fashion with a sexy Jimmy Choo campaign. But it's probably because, more simply, Nicole is one of the most reliable Vogue cover girls ever.

The Aussie actress has covered American Vogue seven times, and crossed over to the international editions even more than that. It seems that no matter how well (or not well) her movies perform or how many times she shows up at a country music award show, the fashion world still considers her one of its most shining stars. Below, see Nicole's long, storied history with Vogue -- and these are just some of the covers.

Vogue Germany, August 2013:

nicole kidman vogue

Vogue Germany, August 2013:

nicole kidman vogue

Vogue Japan, April 2009:

vogue japan april 2009

Vogue US, July 2008:

vogue july 2008

Vogue US, December 2006:


Vogue Japan, February 2006:

vogue nippon feb 2006

Vogue China, December 2005:

nicole kidman

Vogue Australia, October 2005:

vogue australia october 2005

Vogue Paris, September 2005:

vogue paris september 2005

Vogue US, May 2004:

vogue may 2004

Vogue US, September 2003:

nicole kidman vogue

Vogue Australia, February 2003:

vogue australia

Vogue US, June 1999:

vogue june 1999

Vogue UK, December 1998:

vogue uk december 1998

Vogue Australia, February 1997:

vogue australia february 1997

Before she was a Vogue cover girl...

Nicole Kidman's Style Evolution

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