07/12/2013 11:05 am ET

Hey Republicans, These Things Have Nothing To Do With Lady Parts!


The fight over abortion rights has a tendency to be awkwardly crammed into some strange legislative territory. Republican lawmakers in North Carolina reached an illogical extreme -- at least to this point -- this week when they added anti-abortion restrictions to a bill about motorcycle safety.

The tactic drew widespread scorn from people who couldn't help but notice that motorcycles and vaginas have very little, if anything, in common. The shock may have been dampened, however, by the fact that this kind of procedural maneuver happens quite frequently. In fact, Republicans didn't bat an eye at the strange pairing, pushing through the legislation in a vote on Thursday.

Below, a list of other completely unrelated bills that Republicans have used to push divisive anti-abortion measures:

Strange Places For Anti-Abortion Measures