07/12/2013 05:13 am ET

'Summer Camp' Premiere: Contestant Offers To Betray Team, Throw Every Challenge (VIDEO)

Not to be confused with NBC's new Wednesday dramedy, "Camp," USA debuted their latest reality entry, "Summer Camp" exactly one night later. Both shows are about summer camps, but only one of them is a reality competition pitting two teams against one another. Even better, it's the classic battle of the sexes.

The contestants are split down gender lines with the boys competing against the girls in color wars every week. This week's challenge saw people in rowboats attempting to snag members of the opposite team floating around in inner tubes. To avoid getting caught, the folks in the tubes have water guns as defense. Yes, it's just that ridiculous.

The guys won the first challenge, which means the girls had to select a "Counselor." The Counselor selects two people to be up for elimination and sends them to the winner's cabin for the winners to decide who to boot. Brooke -- a former Mormon-turned-model -- was the Counselor, and she sent Meaghan and Lauren to the guys' camp.

It doesn't really matter much what Meaghan and Lauren were like, because it came down to what Lauren promised. The woman -- who proudly proclaims she was the biggest b*tch in her high school -- said that she would throw every competition to the guys if they kept her in the competition. So they did.

We're not sure about that as a long-term strategy. At the end of the game, the team will split $250,000 so maybe she's hoping to eliminate the rest of her team and then win in the end to take all the money for herself?

Let the games continue on "Summer Camp," Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on USA.

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