07/13/2013 02:30 pm ET

Blended Family: How This Large Family Makes It Work

With seven children between them, Keenon and Laura Stillman faced many challenges when blending their two families together.

The couple, who first dated when they were in high school, opened up to The Denver Post recently about reconnecting years later and how they make their large, blended family work.

"We love each one of them as ours," Keenon told the paper.

Keenon and his four children moved in with Laura and her three children in 2000; at the time, the seven kids ranged in age from 5-15. They now span ages 18-28.

In the beginning, Laura said, "It was us against them."

"We had to survive," she continued.

Check out the video above for more on the Stillmans, then click through the slideshow below to see some of Hollywood's biggest blended families.

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