07/15/2013 03:21 pm ET Updated Jul 15, 2013

Brandy Majors, 'Escaped' Inmate, Says Jail Just Let Her Go (VIDEO)

An inmate accused of escaping from jail says she didn't even know she was a wanted woman until she saw herself on the news

Brandy Majors, 32, was arrested Thursday on an auto theft charge and put into Indiana's Marion County Jail, the Indy Channel reported.

Majors told Fox 59 that jail officials told her she was free to go on Friday morning, and so she picked up her things and simply walked out the door.

"I even went to the restroom inside the jail, came out of the restroom and waited for my turn, used the [jail's] phone to call a ride," she said.

Saturday night, Majors says she was at home when her brother called her and told her she was on the news for escaping from the facility.

In the meantime, the jail was put on lockdown while authorities frantically tried to figure out how the missing inmate had gotten out, according to NBC News.

Her husband, Greg Majors, decided the best course of action was to contact local media so that he and his wife could "set the story straight."

Fox 59 reporter Russ McQuaid met up with Brandy Majors Sunday afternoon and got her version of events on camera. McQuaid and Majors then contacted Marion County Sheriff John Layton, saying Brandy would give herself up on the condition that she would be held at Hendricks County Jail, a facility where she felt safer than at Marion County Jail.

While they waited for Layton, however, a deputy unexpectedly showed up and dragged Majors away in cuffs -- all on camera. However, she was ultimately allowed to go to the Hendricks County Jail, where she is still being held on auto theft charges. Escape charges may still be added, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Majors says that not only did she not escape from jail, she also shouldn't have been there in the first place, NBC News reported.

Last fall, Majors was thrown in jail after someone else stole her purse and used her ID to attempt to buy Oxycodone. All charges against Majors were eventually dropped.

Majors says she believes that this auto theft arrest is yet another case of mistaken identity.