07/15/2013 06:22 am ET

'Devious Maids': Marisol Finds A Pregnancy Test In The Dead Maid's Room (VIDEO)

Marisol's investigation into the death of Flora came up with some juicy evidence on "Devious Maids" this week. She found a pregnancy test in Flora's room. While the other maids seemed reluctant to open up to her about Flora, Rosie finally cracked and confirmed it. She said that it was part of Flora's plan.

“That’s what she wanted," Rosie said. "To have a millionaire’s baby.”

Marisol hit a temporary roadblock, though, when the coroner's report came back saying that Flora was not pregnant at the time of her death. But the eagle-eyed Marisol noticed that the coroner's report had been changed. Then, in a stroke of luck, she recognized him at the police station. He was a friend of Adrian's, making Adrian look even more guilty.

While the investigation into Flora's death continues, Zap2It points out that “just because she's dead doesn't mean she was good. Flora had told the other maids that she was going to get pregnant by a millionaire, then her plan was to bleed him for money, so she was the original devious maid.”

The next mystery to solve is who's the father of Flora's baby? Is it the same person who killed her, or had her killed? TV Fanatic is loving the deepening mystery. "I am so thankful that Marc Cherry’s incredible and creative work is back on our television screens. I can’t wait until next Sunday," they wrote.

Secrets will be revealed on "Devious Maids," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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