07/15/2013 05:18 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2013

Ready For Hillary PAC Rejects Million-Dollar Donation Offer, Says It's Focusing On Grassroots

Though she has kept silent about whether she plans to run for president in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton's potential candidacy has continued to pick up steam. Ready for Hillary, a super PAC pushing Clinton to run, has reportedly already received -- and declined -- offers for donations worth millions of dollars.

"We have turned away seven-figure checks," Adam Parkhomenko, the group's executive director, told Agence France-Presse.

As an independent expenditure committee, Ready for Hillary is legally allowed to accept unlimited donations from individuals and corporations. But the organization has chosen to instead focus on the same kind of grassroots efforts that gave the competitive edge to then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who defeated Clinton in the 2008 primary.

In fact, the group announced earlier this month that it had enlisted the help of Obama campaign veterans to facilitate grassroots mobilization in the event that Clinton decides to run. Meanwhile, a steady stream of endorsements from lawmakers and prominent political figures has signaled the mounting hope among Democrats that Clinton will take the presidential plunge.

Ready for Hillary is hardly the only group anticipating a Clinton campaign. Republican super PAC America Rising launched an effort earlier this year "Stop Hillary 2016", designed to preemptively curb support for Clinton. Another advocacy committee, titled "The Hillary Project," has since been created to "wage a war on Hillary Clinton's image," according to the PAC's website.



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