07/15/2013 09:54 am ET Updated Jul 15, 2013

Rupert Murdoch 'Hurt' By Leaked Tape Of Sun Meeting: Report

Rupert Murdoch reportedly felt "hurt" that his meeting with Sun journalists was secretly recorded and leaked to the public earlier in July.

Exaro — the investigative news website that released three audio clips of the meeting, and handed them over to police — reported Monday that Sun editor David Dinsmore told colleagues that Murdoch called him from the US and said, “I feel hurt by what has happened.”

He reportedly told Dinsmore that he felt "betrayed" by his staffers.

The Sun has been hit by charges of illegal payments to public officials for information. Murdoch was blamed for the arrests after setting up a committee to hand information over to the police. He met with journalists at the Sun in an effort to ease their concerns in March. Twenty-four of the newspaper's staffers had been arrested in connection to bribery by that time.

The recording came from one of those meetings. In the clips, Murdoch dismissed the investigations into corruption at his British newspapers as being "over next to nothing," and said that "payments for news tips from cops" have been going on for years.

Murdoch has been asked to return to Parliament for questioning this fall in light of the tape.

(h/t Press Gazette)



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