07/16/2013 09:18 am ET

Grilling Fails: When Fire's Involved, Everything Can Go Wrong (PHOTOS)

Flickr: PaysImaginaire

When it comes to cooking, it doesn't get much easier than grilling. The idea of cooking over fire is one that we as a human race should feel pretty comfortable with by now -- we have been doing it for thousands of years. But there's something about cooking over an open flame (or hot charcoal) that's intimidating. It's almost too primal. Too basic.

If you feel like your grilled burgers just never come out as good as they do at the restaurant, just know that worse meals have happened on the grill then have ever happened to you. We're talking many dinners destroyed. Take a look at the worst in grilling fails, and take it easy on yourself next time you pull out the barbecue.

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Grilling Fails