07/16/2013 11:24 am ET

Wedding Guest Dresses For Summer Affairs (PHOTOS)

By Kellee Khalil for

If you're heading to several summer weddings and worried about the effect this will have on your budget, a simple way to save money as a guest is to find a dress you love and wear it to every wedding you attend for an entire season. Even if the same group of friends will be in attendance at each wedding, so what? Re-wearing the same dress repeatedly isn't unfashionable; it's just smart. And you can tweak your accessories and hairstyle to give it a different vibe at each wedding. (Bonus points if you can add tights and a dressy cardigan to wear it in the fall and winter too!) And if you have a lot of pre-wedding events to attend, have a backup dress that will work for showers and rehearsal dinners as well as weddings. Wear one dress to the shower or rehearsal and the other to the wedding...and then swap them for the next round of wedding events you attend.

Here are 12 fabulous (and versatile!) dresses that you'll be happy to wear again and again.

Wedding Guest Dresses

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