07/16/2013 02:02 pm ET

Chinese Woman Stuck Between Walls Mistaken For A Ghost, Rescued 7 Hours Later (VIDEO)

A woman in China's Anhui province has been rescued after spending a night stuck between two walls.

According to the Independent, she'd taken a narrow path between two buildings, believing it to be a shortcut on her way home, then become lodged, unable to move, for seven hours.

Unfortunately for both the woman and the owners of the buildings she was pancaked against, her calls for help were believed to be the cries of a ghost. As such, they were ignored (as much as the incessant cries of a ghost can be) until the next morning, when passersby raised the alarm, CNN notes.

Once firefighters arrived, she was rescued in less than half an hour.

Shanghaiist reports the woman didn't suffer any major injuries and has recovered.

Earlier this year, firefighters in Portland, Ore., rescued a woman after she also became stuck between two buildings for more than four hours. The woman in that incident had fallen into the opening, though it isn't clear how she'd done so.

WATCH the CCTV report below (in Mandarin):



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