07/17/2013 01:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Adly Mansour Doesn't Know How To Smile (PHOTOS)

After days of protests calling for the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's military replaced the Islamist leader with a new, interim president: Adly Mansour. Little is known about the strongman, even though he's one of Egypt's longest serving judges.

But as Egyptians begin to get to know their new leader, one thing has become abundantly clear: Someone needs to teach the man how to smile. After Twitter users poked fun at the president's horrendous facial expressions, we picked up where the trolls left off and dug into our Mansour photo archive.

1. adly mansour
An excited Mansour prepares for swearing in as Egypt's interim president.

2. adly mansour
Undated portrait--Mansour, perhaps, posing for his yearbook.

3. adly mansour
Mansour speaks after being sworn in.

4. adly mansour
July 4: Mansour celebrates after being sworn in as head of the Constitutional Court.

5.adly mansour
Mansour jubilantly meets with Egypt's new Vice President Mohammed El Baradei.

6. adly mansour
Mansour almost cracks a smile while meeting the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State.