07/17/2013 06:08 pm ET

Chris Martinchick, Longmont Police Officer Arrested In Larimer County Sexual Assault Case

A Longmont Police officer turned himself in to the Larimer County Jail after a warrant had been issued for his arrest just two days prior.

Chris Martinchick, 43, was arrested for two counts of sexual assault and two counts of criminal invasion of privacy for sexual gratification. The sexual assault counts are class three felonies and the criminal invasion of privacy counts are class one misdemeanors.

Longmont Police say the incident occurred while Martinchick was off-duty in Loveland.

A report by The Longmont Times-Call says cites an arrest affidavit saying that a woman called the sheriff's office on July 2 to report that she believed Martinchick assaulted her in her sleep after taking Nyquil and a prescription muscle relaxant. Ten days later, the woman says she awoke naked to camera flashes and discovered Martinchick had been taking pictures of her.

“We are understandably disappointed and embarrassed that one of our police officers has been arrested and accused of committing such serious crimes. The Longmont Police Service takes pride in the service we provide to the public and hold sacred the trust that our community places with our department and our officers,” Longmont police said in a statement.

“This type of conduct if proven to be true, is unacceptable under our code of conduct, and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner when a disposition in this matter is reached. Be assured that the Longmont Police Service has and will continue to fully cooperate in the criminal investigation.”

9News reports that this is not Martinchick's first arrest for a crime. He was reportedly also arrested in 2009 for a DWAI in Loveland but the charge was dropped when he pleaded guilty to careless driving.

Martinchick was put on paid administrated leave on July 3 when Larimer County officers informed the Longmont Police Department that he was under investigation.



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