07/17/2013 04:46 am ET

'Extreme Weight Loss': Mehrbod Slips Into Bad Habits, Starts Lying About Weight Loss (VIDEO)

Mehrbod was 300 pounds overweight and desperately wanted help to get in shape. He admitted to Chris Powell on "Extreme Weight Loss" that he had a problem with food addiction. He wanted to drop the weight so he could start a healthy lifestyle with his girlfriend.

Chris was impressed with Mehrbod's commitment, as well as his rapid progress through the program in the early going. But it was too good to be true. "I’ve been lying to you about my weight," Mehrbod admitted.

It all went wrong when he asked his girlfriend's parents for their permission to marry their daughter. They turned him down, saying they didn't approve of his career as a DJ. After that, he and his girlfriend broke up and he returned to his old coping habits and started falsifying his weight loss.

“This whole process, it’s not about turning numbers on a scale. It’s about keeping promises to yourself," Chris reminded him. "Your integrity has been so compromised. And that’s the reason why you feel like sh*t about yourself.”

They basically had to start over. He found that Mehrbod had actually been gaining a pound every other day since he started lying about his weight loss. And so, Mehrbod had the dubious honor of setting two show records: most weight lost and most weight gained. But he finally got back on track.

In the end, Mehrbod got down to 230 pounds, from 434 pounds. It was a happy ending for his romantic life, too, as Mehrbod and his girlfriend got back together. "Mehrbod succeeded at reaching his Final Weight Loss Goal ... but, his biggest success was in changing his addictive eating habits, transforming his life, and having a beautiful girlfriend who loves him," wrote the Guardian Express.

And it looks like Mehrbod has been successful in keeping the weight off since filming ended, as well, based on a recent Twitter update. Could wedding bells be next?

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