07/17/2013 08:29 pm ET Updated Jul 17, 2013

Jacob Soboroff, HuffPost Live Host, Offers Terrible Denim Jacket For Highest City Year Donation (VIDEO)

In 2012 a record number of Americans applied to serve their country, but 500,000 applicants to AmeriCorps were turned away because funding for the Serve America Act hasn't kept pace with demand.

HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff -- who is also a member of the City Year Los Angeles Associates Board -- discussed the issue with a panel of experts, all while wearing a shamefully terrible denim jacket.

After being berated by HuffPost Live commenters for wearing a terrible jacket so utterly ridiculous that it should never be worn out of the house, much less on a live news broadcast, Soboroff decided he would offer the jacket to whichever viewer made the largest donation to a City Year chapter of their choice.

Soboroff asked that anyone making a donation and wishing to obtain the disgusting, terrible jacket as a reward take a screenshot or print a PDF of their donation receipt, and tweet the image to him @JacobSoboroff. Donations can be made on the City Year website.

For more on applicants being turned away from AmeriCorps and the state of civil service in America, watch the full segment on HuffPost Live.