07/17/2013 02:33 pm ET

Jessica Mungia Allegedly Burned Son With Hot Spoon, Makes Him Stand In Ants

A mother in Houston, Texas was jailed last week for allegedly burning her son's tongue with a hot spoon and forcing him to stand on a hill of swarming ants.

Jessica Ann Mungia, 26, is also accused of beating the 6-year-old with a screwdriver and a cable, cutting him with a knife, choking him, and holding his hand against a hot stove, Click 2 Houston reported.

Mungia took the boy to the hospital May 22 for a broken arm. When doctors questioned the child, they were struck by his answers. "He indicated that his mother had actually caused his broken arm," attorney Angela Smith told KTRK.

Medical staff noted that the boy also had ant bites on his legs, bruises all over his body, and burns on his tongue and hand. Doctors say he told them, “My mom got a hot spoon –- hot, hot, hot -- almost red, and she burned me,” according to court documents obtained by KVUE.

The boy also said his mom would "tie up his arms and legs and his dad would cover his mouth with a sock."

Doctors said the boy's injuries were consistent with his story.

Mungia, who is pregnant, was arrested Thursday and charged with four counts of injury to a child.

The boy and his two sisters are now in protective custody.



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