07/17/2013 06:06 pm ET

Relationship Problems: How To Overcome Neediness

Can neediness destroy a marriage?

Wall Street Journal reporter Gwendolyn Bounds recently spoke with married Utah couple Randy and Janet Brown, who explained how Randy's neediness caused a rift in their relationship

"Things became about him. Everything was his comfort level, his feeling OK with himself and needing outside reassurance that everything was OK and needing me to be there," Janet said. "Feeling that if I went somewhere else I was trying to get away from him. It got to be pretty overwhelming."

After realizing how his behavior was affecting his wife, Randy decided to make a change.

"I began to see the burden she was carrying," he said. "I needed to be in charge of my own happiness."

If you're surprised that Randy was the needy one in the relationship, don't be: Elizabeth Bernstein, the Wall Street Journal's "Bonds" columnist, said that although people often attribute neediness to women, it is actually just as common in men.

"Neediness is based on personality and both men and women can be needy," she said.

Check out the full clip above to hear more from the couple, then click through the slideshow below to see what other relationship problems our readers say can end a marriage.

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