07/17/2013 02:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Don't Call Ryan Gosling A 'Dumb Hipster'


According to heartthrob and feminist philosopher Ryan Gosling, the absolute worst thing you can call a woman is a "dumb hipster." For his latest film, "Only God Forgives," Gosling and his collaborator Nicolas Winding Refn were attempting to determine the most insulting name one could call a female. (Vulture notes that Kristin Scott Thomas, who plays Gosling's mother, calls another character "cum dumpster," an insult Gosling suggested to Refn.) The two told Vulture about their burn sesh creative process.

"I would ask Ryan, 'So what’s the worst thing you can call a woman in America?'" Refn said at the festival. "He goes, 'We call her this ...'" We gave Gosling a chance to set the record straight last night, at a screening of the movie at BAM. "You know, as shocked as you are by that [expression], I’m as shocked to be thrown under the bus for that," Gosling said.

As terrifically offensive as "cum dumpster" may be, Ryan found something even more harrowing: "Kristen got it wrong," he told Vulture. "I said the worst thing you could call someone was a 'dumb hipster.' And she heard it in this other way, and I can’t take responsibility for how her brain twists things." Got it.

Of course, in real life Ry Gos would never try to hurt a lady's feelings.


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