07/17/2013 05:57 pm ET Updated Jul 22, 2013

Snoop Lion Opens Up George Zimmerman's Acquittal: Notable/Quotable


I don’t really want to get too caught up, because I’m not one to be political or judicial. But I just feel like certain laws are made to protect others, and certain laws are made to break others…If that would’ve been a black on black crime, it would’ve been a conviction, no matter what. But since the situation wasn’t what it was, it was poor representation. The prosecution represented Trayvon Martin horribly. They just didn’t put on a great case for him. To me when you’re fighting a great case like that you got to bring the best people out to represent, especially when the boy is dead and not here to represent himself…and to me, that’s where they leaked at, and to me it was because he was black. If he would’ve been another color they would’ve brought the best representation.

-Hip hop superstar, Snoop Lion opens up on George Zimmerman's recent acquittal. (Associated Press)

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