07/17/2013 06:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Consider This Kid To Write The 'Sharknado' Sequel, Please

Have you ever imagined a disaster film with a protagonist who could assume the shape of an apple core?

Neither had we... Until today, when we saw this highly imaginative excerpt from a 12-year-old's film script -- shared with the Internet by an enthusiastic computer camp counselor.

Reddit user Xineph posted the following image with the caption, "My favorite part about teaching screenwriting at a summer camp is this script an 8-year-old just handed me." (He later corrected himself and said that the camper, Josh, is 12.)

"I'm a counselor at SummerTech Computer Camp in Purchase, NY," Xineph explained, going on to note: "we teach the campers basic screenwriting format and Josh wrote most of this on his own time."

For their part, other Reddit users contributed creative takes on the concept of a "squid-shark-alligator hybrid."

Xineph also shared a photo of the aspiring filmmaker:

Young Josh has already brought the project to the (very) small screen. And while it's not quite Oscar material yet, we're confident this project has potential. We hear shark movies are a pretty good bet these days. (Mom's on it, writing, "[Josh is] ready for his close-up and I'm ready for a SyFy contract. Bring it.")

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